Beyond the Physics

2022 Update: Break, Therapy, NVC, COVID

Episode Summary

On this episode, we give you an update on where we have been since the last epsiode. We give a detailed breakdown of the trials and tribulations we have been through during each phase of this break. For instance Joe decided to defer the Fall 2021 school semester to do some soul searching and to work on himself. Irene has been working dilligently to try and complete her prospectus and become a full-fledged doctoral candidate. Our heroes also discuss their experience learning about Non-Violent Communication and the difficulties about having to adjust to COVID as graduate students. This is but a glimmer of the things to come, if it sound interesting please listen and consider subscribing or rating on whatever platform you are listening on!

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Rough Timestamps

Start to 2:34 - Introduction

2:34 to 3:49  - Overview 

3:49 to (6:49 Irene Start) 11:56 - Recap of Summer 2021

11:56 to (14:50 Irene Start) 21:00  - Fall 2021 (Taking a break, Therapy, NVC, Grading, Struggle w/ Schedule, Back Degeneration)

21:00 to (24:10 Irene Start) 29:20  - Spring 2022 (Coming back to school, Teaching in person)

29:40 to 34:30 - Why take a break?

34:30 to 37:00 - What was the plan for the break?

37:00 to 55:00 - What did you learn about yourself from the break? What role did physics culture play in necessitating the break? 

55:00 to 58:30 -Advocating for our needs

59:00 to 1:08:00 - Practical Steps during the break (Therapy, Nutrition)

1:08:00 to 1:23:30 - NVC

1:23:30 to 1:44:00 - COVID (Social Stimuli, Distractions)

1:44:30 to End (Outro)

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