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Venom, Death and Abuse - 2023 Update

Episode Summary

On this episode, we give you an update on where we have been since the last update. We give a detailed breakdown of the trials and tribulations we have been through during each phase of this break. For instance Joe passed the qualifying exams, began the process towards passing the oral exam, and dealt with potentially traumatic emotional abuse from his supervisor. Irene has passed the oral exam, attended a summer school in 2022 and will be in 2023, and it processing the recent loss of her father . Our heroes also discuss their experience saving their dog Sage from a nearly fatal snake bite, which involved a treatment plan spanning months. To hear more of the details please stick around a give the episode a listen. We appreciate any rating, reviews, and also consider subscribing to our newly established youtube channel.

Episode Notes

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Case Study of Serum Sickness in Dog due to Antivenin: 

BCG Therapy Info by American Cancer Society:

Communal Narcissism:

Rough Timestamps

Introduction: Start to 00:04:00

Irene Doctoral Candidacy + Summer School in Pittsburgh: 00:04:00 to 00:10:00

Dealing with Anxiety / Panic Attacks: 00:10:00 to 00:16:00

Sage Emergency, Snake Bite, Kidney Failure (+ Joe Qualification Exam Prep): 00:16:00 to 00:35:00

Joe Qualification Exam: 00:35:00 to 00:40:00

Irene Father Health Emergency (Lack of space to Mourn): 00:40:00 to 01:03:30

Spring 2023

Irene Playing music again + Rock Climbing: 01:03:30 to 01:09:10

Joe Spring 2023, Prospectus + Rock Climbing: 01:09:10 to 01:16:50

Irene Scholarship: 01:16:50 to 01:19:00

Joe “Incident” with Advisor: 01:19:00 to 01:47:50

Summer 2023, Travel, Summer school in Brazil: 01:48:00 to End

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