Beyond the Physics

Couch Talks #1 - Eigenbros

Episode Summary

This is the inaugural first episode in our new couch talk series. It's nice to not always have to be on, worrying about production and heavily researching, or dealing with serious topics. On this first episode, we have the Eigenbros joining us just before they go on hiatus as both Juan and Terence found lab jobs across the country! We chat about science like Quantum Field Theory, some astro stuff, and go on to discuss movies and tv. This was rebroadcast from the Eigenbros patreon which is linked below. Thanks to them for coming on, and thanks to ya'll for listening. Have a great day!

Episode Notes

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Where to find the Eigenbros:

Rough Timestamps:

QFT Discussion (Scattering Amplitudes, Feynman Rules, References): 

Start to 30 mins

Astro stuff (Quantizing Gravity, Neutron Stars, Black Holes): 30 to 50 mins

Movies / TV (Tenet, Primer, Interstellar, 2001 Space Odyssey, Moon Knight (DID), Jesus Christ Superstar) 50 to 70 mins

Religion (Social Utility, Education, Politics): 70 to 85 mins

Microplastics and Clippy: 85 to End