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"The system I was looking for my whole life" - Terence

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On this episode of the "Beyond the Physics" podcast, Irene and I are joined by our good friend Terence. Terence was a graduate student in physics, having recently left the program for other ventures. As such, I seek to pick apart his unique perspective on the field. We talk about how Terence got into physics, and how that eventually lead him astray from religion. Naturally then, we deliberate on religion and spirituality, and whether these concepts have a place within physics. One of the main talking points as you will see, is to be mindful of thinking critically, specifically towards the beliefs you hold most dear. Have you honestly attempted to pick apart your beliefs? Here Terence strongly advocates for deconstructing yourself, to build the strongest foundation possible, and avoid being taken advantage of by people who would exploit non-questioning acceptance. We also talk about drugs, and their potential usefulness. Lastly, we briefly discuss how we can get more people thinking critically.

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You can find Terence and his co-host Juan at Eigenbros on Youtube. There you can even find podcasts where Joseph appears as a guest.

For those curious, there is a program called the "clergy project" which directly relates to our hypothetical example of a priest forsaking their religion

About how many scientists are religious you might ask:
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