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Women in Physics and Astronomy, Also Aliens- Sahana

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On this episode of the Beyond the Physics podcast, Irene and I interview our friend Sahana. Sahana is also a graduate student in physics with an emphasis on astronomy. We explore Sahana's motivations for getting into the field and we all reflect on the improbability of us getting into graduate school. But overall, we cover a wide range of topics today, focusing on the most important problems with the culture in physics, and discussing the barriers to entry for success in the field. In particular, we get an in-depth look at what it feels like to be a woman in physics and/or astronomy. We also talk about Aliens; from the Fermi-Paradox, to the Drake Equation, and the definitions of life, we explore this phase space from many angles. I personally walked away from this conversation with many insights on the field and my place in it, so I hope that you too can find value in this.

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  1. Underrepresented Minorities in Physics

  2. Women in Physics and Astronomy

  3. Physics Degrees Earned by Women

    For our Conversations on Aliens 👽:
    Kurzgesagt has some videos I recommend on the Fermi Paradox:

  4. "The Fermi Paradox — Where Are All The Aliens? (1/2)"

  5. The Drake Equation
    (Your homework is to try to estimate this number for yourself!)

  6. Article in Nature on the state of Sexual Harassment in Physics

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