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The Prestige of Puerto Rico - Gabriel Rodriguez

Episode Summary

On today's podcast, Irene and I are joined by our friend Gabriel Rodriguez. Gabriel is a graduate physics student who does research in hadronic physics. We come to understand Gabe's motivations for studying physics as well as his specific sub-field. Having started out as an accounting major, Gabe's individual path proves quite interesting. We learn about some of his upbringing in Puerto Rico, and discuss how the cultural differences discussed could provide value to his scientific perspective. We also talk about what we consider the most important problems in physics at the moment, which covers a lot of ground. Later we divulge our opinions on the state of diversity in the field, and whether inclusivity is a worthwhile endeavor in physics. I always appreciate Gabe's ability to provide a unique perspective, and feel we learned a lot from each other throughout this exchange. Hopefully you walk away with something as well. Side Note: Apologies for the late upload, been busy studying for qualifying exams and the such, you can help out upload speed by simply telling us what you would like to hear next.

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