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Every great dream begins with a Dreamer- Jesus

Episode Summary

On todays episode we are joined by my friend from undergrad physics, Jesus. Jesus was a DACA recipient and is currently working in the construction industry. Given the recent ruling by the Supreme Court, this seemed like a good time to upload this conversation. Please forgive any techinical/sound issues, we tried our best to give you the best quality possible given the social distance. Hopefully you enjoy and if you do, please leave 5 stars! Here are some rough timestamps of topics covered: Background: 00:03:00 Girlfriend Push to College: 00:10:00 “It’s hard to be dedicated and look to the future, when you’re unsure what that even means”: 00:11:55 When I learned I was different because of a piece of paper: 00:12:30 Give me more hope: 00:20:42 Choosing Engineering: 00:23:00 Traumatic Experience: 00:32:00 Getting Disqualified: 00:35:00 Leaving Fullerton and Working: 00:41:00 Back to School: 00:44:35 CSULB: 00:54:00 Losing DACA Status: 01:05:00 What do you want to do?: 01:09:30 What are we entitled?: 01:27:00 Large Goal?: 01:33:45 Moral Luck: 01:56:00 Change in culture in physics: 02:03:30 ICE and immigration: 02:17:15 Where do rights come from: 02:26:00 Social Media Magnifying Voices: 02:37:15 News (fourth branch of government): 02:44:15

Episode Notes

Recent news: Supreme Court DACA ruling (Washington Post)

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“Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world.”
– Harriet Tubman

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