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Fathers Day Special Part 1- John Guzman

Episode Summary

On today's episode we are interviewing my father, John Guzman. This is part 1 of a 2 part series meant to be in honor of father's day (belated by this point for sure). But in this conversation we cover ground on aliens, John's prolific spiritual journey, abortion, potential trump re-election, the second law of thermodynamics, the definition of God, and life after death. Again this podcast turned somewhat topical, because not long after it was recorded, the supreme court ruled to uphold abortion rights in Louisana, a link is provided in the episode notes. Anyways if those sound like interesting topics, or you would like to witness the father behind the scientist, this is your opportunity. Here are some rough timestamps of the topics: Intro: 00:00:00 Aliens/UFO's: 00:08:00 Religious Background: 00:09:00 Why Believe in God?: 00:16:00 Moonies: 00:18:00 Abortion: 00:40:00 Going back to Messianic Religions: 01:01:00 Elitism in science: 01:13:00 Culture against intelligence: 01:17:00 If Trump re-elected: 01:19:00 Are we along in the universe + Second law of Thermo: 01:29:00 Definition of God: 01:43:15 Life after Death: 01:57:00 Core Principles of Spiritual Journey: 02:36:00

Episode Notes

Recent news: Supreme Court Hands Abortion-Rights Advocates A Victory In Louisiana Case (NPR)

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