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Fathers Day Special Part 2- Javier Roman

Episode Summary

On today's episode we interview Irene's father, Javier. We learn about his life journey, growing up in mexico and moving to the United States to pursue work as an engineer. This is meant to be the final part in the father's day special series. We explore topics such as the american college system, effective ways to enact worldwide change, motivations for moving to america, gratitude and the influence of luck, trump and international students, the anti-science movement (is this a realm of American exceptionalism?), advice for raising children, the relationship between wealth and happiness and so on. Links to relevant articles will be provided below.

Episode Notes

Relevant Links

Trump administration rescinds rule on foreign students (AP)

US now says new foreign students can't enter if courses online (Aljazeera)

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Rough Timestamps

Javier’s background: 00:03:30 

Visit from NASA: 00:16:30

Household Growing up: 00:20:30 

Mexican Education/ Colleges: 00:23:30

Should America adopt Mexico’s college system: 00:27:30

Access to quality education: 00:31:30

Professionals difficulty finding jobs: 00:37:30

“Shoving” our way to change: 00:50:30

Importance of Networking: 00:58:30

Feelings on family/Irene in science: 01:02:30

Why move to America: 01:07:45

Into and Out of Management: 01:12:30

Discrimination at work: 01:14:30

Gratitude and Luck: 01:19:30

Trump and international students: 01:33:30

Retirement projects: 01:40:30

Anti-Science movement: 01:48:30

Register to Vote + Vote by Mail: 01:59:30

Advice for raising kids: 02:04:30

Wealth and Happiness: 02:11:30

Best practices for Father’s from Irene’s experience: 02:25:00

Closing Remarks, advice for younger generation: 02:33:30