Beyond the Physics

How Moon Knight Changed My Life

Episode Summary

In this episode Joe describes a mental excercise that came about through watching the TV series Moon Knight found on Disney + Streaming ( Not a sponsor ). The Protagonist of the show experiences a version of Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID), and has two major personas Marc and Steven, who have very different goals. As such Joe identifies who are his "Marc" and "Steven", what are their beliefs (within himself), and how that manifested as internal conflict, and how the awareness of their existence brought about more peace and integration. Therefore this mental excercise helped bring clarity to key identity work, such as "Who am I?" and "Who do I want to be?" Perhaps you could find value in this excercise for yourself or people you care about.

Episode Notes

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Internal Family Systems Information : 

Dissociative Identity Disorder Information:

Where to watch Moon Knight (Not a sponsor):

Rough Timestamps (mm:ss)

Start - 08:00: Introduction & Catch up

08:00 - 09:15: Value of mental excercise

09:15 -  13:55 : Context from the show

14:15 -  24:00 : Context from my life & My Existential Crisis

Quote: "My Body on Railroad Tracks": 17:55

24:30 - 37:20 :  "Who's My Mark and Who's my Steven?"

26:35 -  31:00 : Defining Mark

31:00 - 33:00 : Chink in Mark's Armor

33:00 - 34:45 : Who am I?

34:45 - 37:20 : Defining Steven

37:20 -  42:20 : The conflict between Mark and Steven

42:30 - 46:00 : Steven's right to exist ( despite what society may say )

46:00 - 48:33 : Take aways, Moving towards integration

48:33 - 50:30 : Homework for you!

50:30 - End : Outro

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