Beyond the Physics

Joe's Imposter Syndrome Deconstruction

Episode Summary

On this episode, we give you an update on where we have been since the last epsiode. Running through our coursework, how we've been doing, and an in depth dive into Joe's experience with imposter syndrome and how that has come to a head in recent months. We hope you enjoy the episode and our return to form. Hopefully more episodes will be coming to you regularly during the summer season! Check the episode notes below (depending on your listening platform) for timestamps, email contact as well as references mentioned throughout.

Episode Notes

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Rough Timestamps

Introduction (Fan music): Start - 1:50

Irene’s Classes + Research : 1:50 - 8:50 

Joe’s Classes : 8:50 - 11:00

Opening up: 11:00 

Patterns of thought: 12:57 - 14:50

Retaking coursework: 15:05 - 18:35

Anxiety, Imposter Syndrome, emotional blocks : 18:50 - 26:50

Perceptions of self: 27:50 - 29:50

Experience with Therapy: 30:05  

Source of feelings: 32:40 - 39:05

Effects of that event: 39:05 - 41:50

Why was that experience so hurtful? 42:50 - 47:20

Luck and hierarchy in physics: 47:30 - 53:55

Naming the story: 55:00 - 1:02:50

Values bring perspective: 1:02:50 - 01:07:30

Breakthrough: 01:07:50 - 01:13:35

Full Fanmade Song: 1:25:30

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