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From Eigenbros to Beyond Grad School, Juan pt.2

Episode Summary

On this episode, we have a returning special guest Juan from the illustrious Eigenbros podcast. Juan lets us in on big changes heading for the eigenbros as well as what he has been up to since our last interview some three odd years ago. Being forced to leave the graduate program due to not passing the comprehensive exam, Juan shares his experience applying to other schools, finding work and ultimately beginning a new journey to work at a national lab. As always it was a pleasure talking to this fine individual, if you agree, send Juan some love at the eigenbros podcast on Youtube.

Episode Notes

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At the beginning of the episode Juan tries to recall the "Sandia National Laboratories" in New Mexico.

Rough Timestamps (hh:mm:ss)

Start - 00:02:07: Introduction

00:02:07 - 00:03:52 : Where'd We Leave off

00:03:52 - 00:09:07 : Eigenbros is changing, New jobs, Catching Omicron

00:09:07 - 00:21:37 : Recap on events since last interview

00:21:37 - 00:24:22 : Why apply to schools?

00:24:22 - 00:28:22: Working for Uber Eats and the Post Office

00:28:22 - 00:31:37 : Struggles with interviews

00:31:37 - 00:36:22 : How is Eigenbros changing?

00:36:22 - 00:42:07 : Conflict between the bros?

00:42:07 - 00:51:07 : Producing Higher Quality

00:51:07 - 01:05:07 : Honest thoughts about leaving program

00:52:51  : “Feelings leaving grad school” Quote

00:54:29 : “Stillborn” Quote

01:05:07 - 01:13:22 : Philosophy of the Physics Department

01:13:37 - 01:43:22 : Centering Your needs, Equity

01:21:10 : “It’s their loss” Quote

01:26:07 : “We never see you” Quote

01:39:25 : “Controlled Rage” Quote

01:43:22 - 01:48:37 : Difference in perception after passing Qualifying exam

01:51:07 - 2:02:37 : Treatment of students by teachers

02:02:37 - 02:19:55 : Appreciation of empathy in professional spaces

02:19:55 - End : Outro


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