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Kintsugi with Michael Jaramillo

Episode Summary

Kintsugi (golden joinery) is the Japanese art of repairing broken pottery with lacquer dusted or mixed with powdered gold, silver, or platinum, a method similar to the maki-e technique. As a philosophy, it treats breakage and repair as part of the history of an object, rather than something to disguise. On this episode, we have a special guest Michael Jaramillo. We chat about how he cultivated his passion for observational astronomy. The disconnect between pursuing a passion for astronomy and how school prepares you. We go into detail about difficult experiences in graduate school. Having a very difficult research advisor to work with. Experiencing prejudice with this advisor because Michael was a bridge student. Securing a research group in astronomy, then being forced into studying elsewhere, landing in condensed matter experiment. Michael goes into detail surrounding a perceived near death experience with an incredibly strong magnet. Finally we arrive at the present, where Michael discusses unpacking the damage done in graduate school. Michael has begun exploring photography and skateboarding, which we are happy to share in the links below! Joe also goes into some more detail surrounding a recent explosive conflict with his advisor. We hope you enjoy the show!

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Rough Timestamps (hh:mm:ss)

Introduction: Start to 00:02:20

Why pursue physics / astronomy: 00:02:30 to 00:06:00

Beginning Observational Astronomy: 00:0600 to 00:11:30

Time-domain Astronomy, Gravitational lensing: 00:11:30 to 00:13:00

Astronomy in Alabama to Michigan: 00:13:30 to 00:16:10

Ancient people having connection with the sky: 00:17:00 to 00:18:30

Brazil travel: 00:18:30 to 00:19:30

Back to why astronomy, Connecting to the universe: 00:20:00 to 00:25:00

“Putting numbers to things”, Learning the physics:  00:25:00 to 00:37:00

In Grad School, when do you get to do what you love?: 00:38:00 to 00:43:00

What did you learn in school vs on the job? : 00:43:00 to 00:50:00

What’s next? : 00:51:00 to 00:53:00

New school, New problems Advisor, Research opportunities (Bait and switch): 00:53:00 to 01:02:00 

Jaded on the bridge program: 00:57:00 to 00:59:00

Forced into condensed matter, research experience: 01:02:30 to 01: 

Counseling (in and out of school): 01:13:00 to 01:15:00

Near death experience: 01:15:00 to 01:34:30

At the present, so to speak, Finding Balance, Confidence, Counseling: 01:35:00 to 01:50:00

Connection to Joe’s break “I don’t know who I am after I leave”: 01:51:30 to 01:54:15

What is your purpose without astronomy? (Bird, astrophotography. Skateboarding): 01:54:15 to 2:00:00

Expectations to provide and be emotionless: 02:00:00 to 02:08:40

Suffering leads to compassion: 02:08:40 to 02:10:00

Joe’s experience with his advisor: 02:10:00 to 02:26:00

How would you view your past experience now? : 02:26:00 to 02:30:00

How do you feel now that you are out of grad school?: 02:32:00 to End

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