Beyond the Physics

Book Club #1 - "Conscious" by Annaka Harris

Episode Summary

On today's episode we are introducing our book club with its inaugural episode being on "Conscious" by Annaka Harris. Our guests discussing the book today are: Terence, Ricardo (Ricky) Castaneda, Edward Benavidez and of course Irene Roman and Joseph Guzman. We had a informative discussion on the various definitions, experiments and ideas outlined in the book, as we try to peel away the mysteries associated with consciousness. We hope you enjoy and feel free to send us questions and future book suggestions using the contact info below.

Episode Notes

Our guests discussing the book today are:

Terence, Ricardo (Ricky) Castaneda, and Edward (Ed) Benavidez, show them some love for coming on!

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Rough Timestamps

00:02:30 - 00:08:30 : Introductions + Synopsis + First Impressions

00:09:15 - 00:12:45 : Defining Panpsychism

00:12:45 - 00:16:30 : Defining Consciousness (Chapter 1)

00:16:30 - 00:19:30 : Is memory necessary for consciousness?

00:19:30 - 00:30:30 : Decision making fundamental to consciousness (viruses conscious)?

00:30:30 - 00:41:30 :Unit of Consciousness (Consciousness Particle?)

00:42:30 - 00:59:30 : Can we tell if someone/something is conscious from the outside?

01:00:30 - 01:20:30 : Binding

01:22:15 - 01:50:30: Sense of Self, Split brain, boundary of consciousness

01:51:30 -  02:01:30: Is consciousness useful? Must it exist? (back to consciousness from the outside)

02:02:00 - 02:28:30 : Consciousness and Time (Presentism vs Eternalism, Nature of Time, Physics lesson)

02:30:00 - End : Higher levels of consciousness?

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